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We get asked quite frequently what to expect during our interview process. 

Our process is quick and painless. We like to get you through the process as quickly as possible because we understand that you may be looking at multiple opportunities. 

Here is our process:

Apply online - Just go to and click on the apply to Preferred Wireless button. There you will answer a few questions and asked to upload your resume. 


Take our survey - Here at Preferred Wireless, we are all about developing our employees so they can grow with our company. To help us understand how best we can coach, motivate and manage you to success we need you to take our survey. This will only take you a few minutes. 


The Recruiter Phone Screen - After applying, we may want to speak with for a phone screen. Here our recruiters will get to know you and ask a series of questions. This process takes about 15 to 20 minutes of your time. 


One–on–One Interview - If your skills and background are a good fit for an open position our recruiter will recommend you for an interview with the appropriate district manager. This will be a face to face interview at a Preferred Wireless retail store. The district manager is going to ask you questions about your previous job experiences, your personal goals and questions to help him or her determine how well you fit with our team and culture based on the Preferred Wireless 4 Rs of Character: Respect, Resolve, Resilience, and Reward. 


Background Check and Possible Drug Screen - Preferred Wireless hosts a safe and comfortable work zone for its employees. Before we can make an offer, you will be asked to submit to a background check. Pending those results, you could be presented with an offer.


Starting Work - Finally, if you accept an offer, we will provide you all needing information to get started on your first day.



If you are interested in seeing what Preferred Wireless has available near you, just click here:


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