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Our Stories

Together Everyone Achieves More! That is exactly what happened when longtime friends Bill Cashman and Bill Kilgore teamed up and set out on an adventure of a lifetime. Their mission was to create a wireless company that would provide amazing opportunities for dedicate employees and become the sweetheart of Sprint Wireless.

That is exactly what happened. Today Preferred Wireless operates more than 80 successful Sprint Wireless locations spread across Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. How did these two gentlemen build such an outstanding business? If you ask them, they will tell you it is all about finding people that have these critical characteristics: Respect, Resolve, Resilience, and Rewards

Today, we call these characteristics the 4 Rs of Preferred Wireless. They show us how to treat our customers, our business and each other. If you have the 4 Rs, we would love to talk with you! 



At Preferred Wireless it all starts with respect for one another and our customers. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you believe, or what color you are, we are all from the same planet and all of us have the ability to contribute. We encourage diversity as possible throughout our entire organization. It's from these differences we find the best in all of us. At Preferred Wireless we value different opinions and respect them.

People do business with people they know and trust. Trust comes from Respect. By treating each other with respect and dignity, Preferred Wireless will continue to grow and be successful.   



Preferred Wireless has been successful because we know how to get things done. This takes RESOLVE, commitment, and a make-it-happen attitude. Every Preferred Wireless team member has to have RESOLVE in order to make our customers happy and at the same time have RESOLVE to meet and exceed company and personal targets. Without RESOLVE, we cannot grow. Without growth, we cannot continue to be successful.

Do you have RESOLVE? If so, you are exactly who we are looking for! 



As long as this planet keeps spinning, nothing will remain constant. The world of wireless technology is changing at an unbelievable rate. It's exciting, terrifying and we love it! We need to be RESILIENT and so do our team members. It takes resilience to handle the changes that are thrown at us by customers, the industry and our business partners.

We welcome change! It keeps us on our toes and we will not allow change to deter us from our course. We at Preferred Wireless are ever RESILIENT!



It is amazing what a word of praise or confidence can do for a person. Here at Preferred Wireless, we look of the positive. We surround ourselves with positive and energetic people for one reason. Positive people make work life better! The leadership at Preferred Wireless looks for ways to reward team members for a job well done.

We also encourage every team member to make a positive impact on our teammates. We congratulate each other on a great sale or achievement. We give each other constructive feedback because we all want to get better. We welcome this feedback from others. Sure we like financial rewards, but just getting a pat on the back from a manager or teammate on a job well done can be just as, if not more, rewarding!